Guitar lessons

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are the lessons given?

While I used to teach in-person lessons, I am currently offering private guitar lessons via Zoom!

Why hire a college student?

Hiring a college student provides many benefits.  I have developed my craft through my own private lessons as well as through various courses at school. I have taken 3 music courses a day at LaGuardia High School for 4 years, and am currently taking 4 music classes this semester at the University of Pennsylvania.  I am confident in teaching both younger and older students.  My younger students appreciate that I “get it” – having been in their shoes not so long ago. My older students appreciate the passion and training that I bring to the lessons.  I am very mindful of the techniques and approaches that have worked best for my own learning curve and for my students who I have been teaching the past few years. Many remark on how patient and knowledgeable I am and I try hard to please all my students.  I can customize any lesson based on the student’s needs and I am open to teaching a student’s favorite song which keep lessons exciting.

How long are lessons?

Lessons can vary between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on age and experience.

How much are lessons?

Lessons cost $45 for 45 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes.  There may be a small up-charge if the commuting distance is far.  Please inquire!

Are there package deals?

Yes! Please inquire about purchasing class packs.

Do you have references?

Of course! I teach a variety of students and maintain a list of references.  Please feel free to ask!

What if I am not satisfied?

I offer a full money back guarantee for anyone not satisfied with their lesson.