Avery Jay Bloomberg is currently a Freshman at the University of Pennsylvania who is planning on declaring music as his major.

Avery is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, songwriter, and producer from New York City. Pulling his roots from rock guitar, he is constantly experimenting with new sounds, combining elements of hip-hop, jazz, and punk into his bending compositions. Since an early age, Avery has been inspired by guitarists such as Angus Young, Buckethead, and Eric Clapton; he began playing in bands with his classmates at an early age. After being accepted to Laguardia High School, he picked up the classical and electric cello and began to incorporate modern elements into his self produced tracks. He found a new love playing Bach and Tchaikovsky with the Laguardia orchestra, and continued to push his musical boundaries even further. Avery was accepted early to the New Music Ensemble as a high school junior to work on his songwriting and live performances and has since collaborated with a network of skilled musicians.

Avery teaches private guitar lessons to kids across the city and loves to play in bands. Having taught guitar for six years, he is very modern in his teaching style (in person as well as online) and inspires young musicians every day. When he is not teaching for profit, he volunteers his time to teach cello to Opportunity Music Project students, an organization that provides music education and resources to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. He was the first OMP ambassador and especially loves running sectionals. Additionally, he participates in the “sponsor a student program” and is the proud founder and producer of the annual talent show (www.talentshow2020.com) to fundraise for the organization (raised more than $1,600), and is honored to be a part of the OMP community.

Additionally, Avery maximizes his summers to immerse himself in new musical communities. He has studied music production at Yale University, guitar and creative entrepreneurship at Brown University and Berklee Music, and had a truly rewarding virtual experience at NYU Tisch Clive Davis Recorded Music for High School Students this past summer. Prior to that, he studied guitar at Litchfield Jazz Camp and played drums in their R&B band. For the past two years, Avery has interned at Supro/Pigtronix, a guitar, amp, and pedal manufacturer in New York and has worked on building his own perfect pedalboard at home. Furthermore, he spent a week volunteering as a guitar and songwriting coach at Willan Academy of Music, as he truly loves teaching and spreading his love of music. Overall, Avery hopes to continue immersing himself in the music industry and broadening his musical horizons.