I am a proud volunteer of Opportunity Music Project.  OMP is a not-for-profit organization that provides equal access to every child in New York City to learn an instrument.  Full scholarships and high-quality instruments are provided if needed.  There are over 125 students taking private lessons, as well as performing in the various orchestras. The students all play one or multiple string instruments: viola, violin, cello and bass.

I volunteer my time weekly to help with orchestra practices. I also started a private guitar lesson division whereby I teach guitar lessons to various OMP private students.  I am also part of the "Sponsor a Student" program and provide mentorship to those who need it.

In addition to my weekly involvement (now virtual lessons), I have organized and managed both a live and virtual charity talent show to raise money for this organization.  There were various performers including OMP students, my private guitar students, as well as various LaGuardia High School students -all on different string instruments.  They were both amazing shows with talented young musicians and all of the proceeds (more than $1,600) were donated to OMP!  We can't wait to do it again next year (hopefully in person) and increase our fundraising goals!!

Here is a video showing you clips of many of the performers at the "2019 Young Musician's Talent Show":